Amber Davis Art

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What you'll expect to see at Conventions!

More varieties available at individual shows. Some quantities limited, please inquire about availability.

On site commissions of all varieties!

Original Artwork!

Custom original artwork goods and accessories!

Hand crafted earrings and pins!

Hand crafted bell collars and necklaces!

Custom crafted necklaces of all varieties!

High quality prints of original artwork!

Something for everyone!

Original ACEO Artist Trading Cards!

Watch me work on art!

High quality cell phone charms and plugs featuring my work!

Questions? E-Mail Me!

Past Conventions I've sold at (I'm sure there's a few I'm missing!):

2009: Otakon 2009-2014 Comic Con Philly 2013: Saikoucon 2014: Too Many Games, J1-Con, RetroCon, Allentown Comic Con, Saikoucon, Zenkaikon, Katsucon , Clovercon, Lehigh Valley Comic Con 2015: Amazicon, Awesomecon, Clovercon, Saikoucon 2016: Setsucon, Central PA Comic Con, Galactic Con, Zenkaikon, Great Phila Comic Con, Clovercon, J-1 Con 2017: Setsucon, Cecil Con, Lehigh Valley Comic Con, Anime Day