Amber Davis Art


•Artist of the Year for Cecil Con (Convention). I had the opportunity to illustrate all of their banners,  web artwork and advertising, post cards, and other promotional material. My artwork was put on the convention shirts as well, 2018-2019

•I took the leap and became a full-time freelance artist, 2016

•Artwork appeared in the book “The Rage” by Marc Draven, 2012

•Colored comic pages of Koni Waves Final Issue published, Koni Waves The Perfect Wave, 2010

•Art published in the Koni Waves Art Collcetion Vol 3, 2010

•Art published in the comic horror anthology, Velvet Rope, 2008-2009

•Graduated from Moore College of Art and Design, 5/17/09

•Made Dean’s list 5/8 Semesters at Moore College.

•Artwork printed in the Moore College “More” Magazine, 2008

•Met voice actor Vic Mignogna. He loved my gift artwork at 2007’s Tandokucon Anime convention! See it below! The comic he read can be seen here. The artwork he held up can be seen here.

•One of my photos was chosen to be included in an Online Map website, for the year of 2007.

•Artwork has been published in more than 7 Newtype-Usa Magazine issues in the fan art sections, 2003-2007

•Artwork was the chosen finalist for my high School T-shirt design, 2005

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