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9/20/18: Named Artist of the Year by Cecil Con!

9/9/18: Re-Opened my Etsy Shop!

10/23/17: Launched my new Patreon!

5/31/16: Launched my new website!

1/10/16: Find me on Twitter! @AmberDavisArt

1/8/16: I am now a FULL-TIME artist!!!

5/7/15: Find me on Instagram! Amber_Davis_Art

8/1/14: Check out my Fur Affinity!

8/1/13: Check out my eBay store!

8/1/13: Custom Pony Persona added in the shop!

8/1/13: Crafts and Jewelry added in the shop!

6/3/13: Custom Trading Card Art now Available! Check the Commission section!

1/1/13:  Monthly webcomics will now be bi-monthly to give me more time to work on bigger projects and spend more time with my family.

11/30/12: Comic Portraits now Available!

8/1/2012: New Original artwork for sale! Check out the shop!

3/1/2012: Check out the new “Signature Series” reviving old drawings with a fresh new look! Look for my signature on the newer digital art!

2/21/2012: Facebook fan page ADDED! “Like” Me on Facebook!

12/16/2011: My first daughter, Courtney was born!

10/16/11: Website views has hit 5,000! Thank you all!

7/31/11: New photos added to “Photos” section!

3/25/10: New Monthly comics page added!

8/4/09: Website views has hit 1000! Thank you all!!

8/3/09: Online store Officially open!

6/21/09: Wizard World 2009 success!!

5/16/09: Graduation from Moore College.

1/18/09: Finished coloring Issue 2 of Koni Waves.

10/25/08: The Velvet Rope released, my first publication!

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